Team Strategy

Isolated Crusader or Inter-Dependent Team Player

In the world of connected small businesses, we all have a need to help each other.

Principally, that means referrals. You understand my business services, you are empowered to recommend those who need my services. 


Just so long as it is appropriate !

And if we are working on a large project, then we need to be able to communicate effectively with our team members, to make sure our client sees we all work together, and deliver a consistent integrated product or service.

Empathy – A Crucial Team Leading Quality
A key quality we need for team work is empathy. We need empathy for our clients, and empathy for those we would work with. Equally tolerance for mistakes made, busy schedules, and difficult work-life balances. And finally the humanity to recognise we all have development areas as well as other areas we are more confident in.

Here is an amazing lady and acquaintance of mine, whose depths of empathy help her to  climb mountains many of us cannot even dream of:


One response to “Team Strategy

  1. Jo is awesome – we all need empathy and massive stocks of it!

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