Partnership Pledge

Our Partnership Pledge

We pledge to use the same values when dealing with partners on “business matters” as we would expect others to use with us. Broadly:

1. Innovative product – we’ll help you develop yours if you help us develop ours
2. Global communication – we’ll help you share globally if you help us locally
3. Teamwork – we’ll work collaboratively with our networks if you do the same
4. Shared rewards – in case of revenue , we’ll agree together what we think is fair

We are of course open to discussing new propositions or different sharing arrangements based on the individual merits as we see them.

Who Are Blue Oyster Business Growth ? How Can I Trust You ?

We are an established business, with over three decades of experience both in the corporate world and with the emerging Start Up community.

Please check the LinkedIn profile of founder Peter Jones  .

(No, not the dragon!) …

And feel free to explore this WordPress site, although please note, there may be pages under construction from time to time.

What we hope you will see across our social media presence is

  • the raw creativity that entrepreneurs need to innovate new products and solve technology and operational issues,
  • the communication skills to convey product benefits and recognise audience need and the ability of products to satisfy those needs,
  • the human interaction skills necessary to build and lead effective teams,
  • and finally the attention to commercial deal making that allows sharing financial returns among those who contribute to success.

We suggest if you want to do so that the best way forward is to contact us and start a conversation, stating what topic you wish to discuss.

You can do so through the LinkedIn profile above (check the coded email address and send Peter an invite), or through Twitter (@innov8tor3) or through the Facebook page – search for Blue Oyster Business Growth.


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