The Right Stuff

We can all aspire to more, and can therefore continually aim deliberately to leave some elements of the present behind. This state of evolution, or obsolescence and renewal to look at it another way, is natural to human beings. But it is often conditioned out of us, perhaps by parents, friends or work colleagues telling us we must “accept life, accept the status quo, hand on to what we’ve got”.

Unlike many business support organisations, Blue Oyster Business Growth dares to challenge owners in their comfort zones. We ask them to aspire to more. Because often it is our comfort zones and lack of ambition that stop us from growing.

The Success Template

For our clients’ growth, Blue Oyster Business Growth takes its template from the TED talks short video, click to enjoy!


Now Blue Oyster  Business Growth have interpreted these success factors slightly, and we use them helping our clients aspire and grow. So they now become:

  • Passion, service, creativity, hard work, focus, persevere, challenge, excel

We must understand these behaviours are aspirational, a target we aim for. On a good day, we may hit the heights on a good number of those behaviours, on a bad day, maybe none at all.

But these are critical behaviours for aspiring entrepreneurs to adopt.

The Stuff Entrepreneurs are Made Of

If these ideas strike a chord, and you want to see how we bring the 8 success factors to entrepreneurs, why not take our free business review, to see if there are some tricks we can think of that might help ?

You risk nothing. Just click here to see whether you can start moving forward again.


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