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The Pain of Growth

Modern life today demands instant rewards and ease of use. If things aren’t easy to use, they are discarded, tossed to one side.

Contrast this with building a business.

It takes years to master the disciplines of marketing and sales, and sometimes longer to find a product that fires our enthusiasm, that we can package successfully, where we understand the benefits for the different types of customer we may seek to find, and where we can put product in front of customers.

If we “succeed” on the first step, then we have to run teams, master information technology, manage cash flow, understand accounting.

Some of us recognise a need to value and harness our customer databases and build niche knowledge sets.

None of these are trivial exercises, so why should we expect instant success ?

No, it takes hard work, determination and a desire to win that borders on the obssessional, and at least requires we get in touch with our “survival” instinct.

Is this bad news ? Hardly ! We just need a degree of patience, and the attitude that there are skills to learn, we are going to learn them, and we’re not giving up.

But don’t expect it to be easy !!

Peter Jones
Opportunity Creator – Blue Oyster Business Growth

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