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Activating the Future – A Way Forward Out of Chronic Stress Situations

Activating the Future - A Way Forward Out of Chronic Stress Situations

The UK is desperately short of resources to help adults and teens with many stressful situations.

Parents of teenage school kids know this only too well, and many are desperate for resources to help them cope with young people’s growing appreciation of the complexity of the world around them.

And of course there are adults also struggling with their own issues who also need support.

What is quite often helpful is a pressure valve, a place to talk with others and let off steam, and actually some non-expert support. Sadly at the same time, life continues to becomes ever busier and more complex, and right now we need to ease pressure on a community support system that is creaking at the seams with more people needing support, and a diminishing pot of funding.

And we do now have the social media tools to do this more easily, and provide a relief resource to over stretched public services. But what we need is the leadership and trust to allow this to be done differently.