Monthly Archives: November 2014

#B2B #Opportunity for 6 stand #sponsors to mass-market to 25,000 eyes in Olympia, #London

Opportunity for 6 stand sponsors to market to 25,000 eyes in Olympia, London. Two days: November 27th and 28th.

We are happy to field passer by enquiries and forward them on to you, or to have you on the stand for you to do your own marketing.
If not for you, then tell your networks, earn some social credit.

If interested in sponsoring, visit this form to log your details and book a slot, first come first served.

But come see us anyway!

Simple Direct Mail Using Google Plus

Here is something you could do for clients as part of your services:

Simple Direct Mailing using Gmail

In G+ & Gmail, perhaps using Rapportive, circle each strong contact made;
Use both niche and generic circles to provide a unique profile;
Select Contacts in Google Gmail;
Now select the top level Circles;
Add key contacts from the displayed list to a new circle, eg Mailing List;
Once complete, select the new circle Mailing List;
Click on the Google Groups button;
In your Gmail Compose, enter Mailing List in the Bcc option;
To add new contacts, revisit Circles, select contacts, click Google Groups

Voila – Simple Direct Mailing using Gmail