Our Mission

Blue Oyster Business Growth is born out of a passion to help others, married to over thirty years experience spread across blue chip FTSE corporates and start ups hungry to grow and make their mark.

Here are twelve things we believe with a passion:

  1. A committed team of inter-disciplinary talents can change the world
  2. Philanthropy is for all, giving those less successful a hand up
  3. Innovation is the life blood of economic health
  4. Trust is built on consistency, transparency and proving value
  5. Everyone has talent, and employers must start harnessing this
  6. That we build via successful, sharing partnerships, not ownership
  7. Leaders have to recognise that finance is a means, not an end
  8. Leaders have a moral responsibility to employ and develop teams
  9. A clear structure is vital when communicating purpose
  10. Solid well-understood process is vital to delivering consistency
  11. A smoothly working process out-performs a histrionic performance
  12. We must always remember that none of us know what we don’t know

And here we’d like to thank Simon Sinek and his great TED talk for explaining so clearly how we are best able to connect with our audiences.

A Short History

Peter Jones, Managing Director, started his own career in IT and then, recognising the importance of the business imperative, he spread his wings further to business analysis and project management.

Later, with the advent of social networking, Peter saw the potential in networking businesses together, and began to build his own business network from scratch in 2003.

Today Blue Oyster Business Growth is a recognised player in the business network arena, both in Central London, and locally in NW London and Hertfordshire, with over 1,000 national and global business contacts to call on for most types of project work.

UK Projects in the 21st Century

We firmly believe the 21st century will bring continue to bring tools and techniques that allow us to bring out more of our individual qualities, skills and experience. This dynamic environment will allow practice leaders to emerge and gain the recognition of their peers within local business networks that really deliver value and service.

At the time of writing, in 2013, the UK has been “flatlining” for some 6 years, with no macro plan to inspire or encourage UK businesses.

And yet BOBG can identify at least ten significant UK projects, some of which are serious issues or opportunities that can be addressed. With the right collaboration, some significant change can be delivered, with potential impact beyond national boundaries.

Our Skills & Services

Blue Oyster Business Growth is recognised for it’s innovative and creative out-of-the-box thinking and solutions, and for it’s people skills and team leading qualities.

We do not believe we are alone in believing well-led and trusted business networks give the UK the best chance of providing stimulus for innovation and economic recovery

Working with us, our customers and network contacts constantly find new avenues opening for them, across a wide range of disciplines.

And out first action and instinct is to get to know you, what you are trying to do, and where you are trying to go.

Starting the Relationship

To that end, we have constructed a time-saving questionnaire which we use to start our dialogue, with the intention of building a fruitful relationship that in the long term delivers real results.


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