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#UK: #LocalCouncils in Desperate Need of #Innovation

Councils need some serious innovation given the budget constraints they now need to adhere to. They need this to deliver the same quality in services, but at a much lower cost overhead.

How are councils reaching out to local community service providers through “virtual supply chain communities” so as to provide the “big society” services we know we need?

Examples include:

Job Centres – 21st C business skill training for able applicants
Mobile NHS – For the less mobile citizens in our communities
Stopping Nay Sayers – Council “blockers” who prevent innovation
Small Businesses – Better support to boost growth rates
School Disruption – Helping stressed teens get back on track
Internet Education – Helping teachers guide, not parrot

There are plenty more examples, but as yet no real engagement or openness across local business communities to ask them how they would solve local public service issues.

If councils could be more open with their development plans, say by having them openly on social media, then local businesses would have the opportunity to offer relevant proposed solutions.

The increase in transparency would answer several questions about how well councils spend tax payers money, and start to expose and get rid of council place fillers and nay sayers.

The whole process would be far more dynamic and immediate, and able to respond real time to emerging events, rather than sit on council agendas for ages waiting in turn.

Of course no one likes change, especially if they didn’t suggest it themselves. But over time, a case could be made for the positives as to why this could be a constructive, sustainable and worthwhile move, and also ground breaking in reputation and earning potential for those involved.

Happy to explain or discuss more as needed.