Set Up as a Virtual Assistant

Do You Prefer Working At or Near to Home?

And do you have access to and know how to use a computer? Either your own or one in a nearby library?

Businesses Need Support Skills

The good news is that there is a growing number of business networks in the nearby region, both North West London and out into Hertfordshire.

Some of these businesses are so busy they need help to run their business, and maybe you could be the person to help them.

It could be you need to help them with invoicing for a couple of hours a week, or putting product catalogues together, or attending meetings on their behalf, or helping build a sales campaign.

You may want to extend this idea, and work for high net worth individuals, perhaps helping them run their home life as well as with their business tasks.

And all this would be a means to earn a little extra money to top up that student loan from time to time.

How Do I Do This ?

So what would you need to do to meet such people and offer them your help?

The first thing is to get in touch with us to find out more. Click here, and start to explore how this can work.

And Who Are Blue Oyster Business Growth ?

So who are we?

Blue Oyster Business Growth is a Harrow based network of business connections and relationships, you might say partnerships, that help one another to find and grow their business.

BOBG are committed to pursuing business growth through innovative product, world class communication, virtual teams and shared rewards, and have number of collaborative projects in motion right now.

Check out the page structure on this WordPress blog from time to time to see projects emerging and growing.

BOBG are a fully social business, who understand that good reputation relies on doing what we say we will do, under the intense glare of the social media stage lights, and in front of discerning and intelligent audiences.

Try us out. Let’s talk over a coffee, our shout. You listen hard, and see what you stand to gain.

Many thanks,

Peter Jones
Opportunity Creator
Blue Oyster Business Growth


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