UK Investment

P A G E   U N D E R   C O N S T R U C T I O N

A UK Market Focus

With permanent UK residency, and a fascination with markets and problems, Blue Oyster Business Growth can advise foreign investors on where there is specific unsatisfied UK demand, why that is, and what the issues are in the marketplace to starting up and building a viable UK business operation.

This allows investors the scope to bring resources more accurately, either on a lean start up basis or with stronger financial backing and a desire to dominate a niche.

Current Markets That Would Bear Serious Investigation

Capital Venture Investment Bodies, Angel Investor Bodies, Business Support for Start Ups, International Law Firms,


Whilst every reasonable attempt will be made to find “proof of market”, investment decisions remain those of the investor, and Blue Oyster Business Growth cannot accept responsibility for these.

Blue Oyster Business Growth is not regulated by the UK FSA, merely a market researcher and commentator and niche business consultancy.

No Risk Business Growth Review

Like us, maybe you’ve wanted to grow quickly, but have struggled to grow at the speed you wanted.

Worse, maybe your business never took off, or certain products are ageing, or dieing even.

But to save you from you waiting, why not take our free business review, to see if there are some tricks we can think of that might help ?

You risk nothing. Just click here to see whether you can start moving forward again.


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